RCIA Lenten Prayer Calendar

Please join us in praying for our RCIA participants throughout this Lenten Season. In the prayer calendar below, there is a specific intention for each day throughout Lent.

Click on the calendar image to expand, or click here to download a pdf version:

Explanation of Terms:

  • Elect: those who have not been Baptized. They are considered Catechumens up until the Rite of Election on the First Sunday of Lent, at which the Archbishop declares them to be Elect. They will receive all three Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Confirmation, First Communion) at the Easter Vigil.
  • Candidates: those who have been validly Baptized in another (usually Protestant) tradition. After making a public statement of faith, they will be received into full communion with the Catholic Church and receive the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Communion at the Easter Vigil.
  • Confirmandi: those adult Catholics who have received Baptism and First Communion and are now seeking to complete their initiation through receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation. Because they are already Catholic, they are expressly not to receive their Confirmation at the Easter Vigil, so as not to be confused with Elect or Candidates. This year, the Confirmandi will be Confirmed on Wednesday, March 14 at the 5:15 p.m. Mass.

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